Angel Delight

With the rise of Coworking spaces in London and the industry being completely saturated in the nearby area of Old Street, it seemed like a good idea to explore Angel and all its delights.

As you step out of Angel Station you have two spaces right on your doorstep — Rocket Spaceand The Office Group, so if it’s convenience you want you can’t get much more convenient than this.

With Rocket Space being the hub of Tech, there is really no better space to be in if you are all about TECH. They offer you speed and direction to accelerate your tech business.

Tech is all around us, but if like me you find it a little scary- then check out TOG.

Being one of the biggest providers in London they do things right.

They are design led and beautiful, have memberships allowing you to roam around London, great events and even a new APP.

On the flip side there are also some very cool, smaller independent spaces.

Check out Hunky Dory DesksCowork Angel and desks in the Plug and PlayMedia hub on White lion Street. Each are designed in their own individual ways with Plug and Play being a little quirky with a fried egg meeting room table- it’s cracking (sorry….I couldn’t resist!).

So why BDCWorks?

That’s a very good question, but one I can definitely answer.

The BDC is oozing with history, character and a buzz like no other.

With 500,000 peeps coming through the door each year who knows who you will stumble across.

Our new Coworking space, BDCWorks — is perfectly situated at the back of the building so disruption is kept to a minimum and is a little piece of ‘Shoreditch’ you won’t want to leave.

We have attracted all sorts of businesses but if you are in the design or events industries the benefits of being within this space are next to none.

We are flexible and fun but also a great working environment that will increase productivity. Oh and one more thing — If you are tired or just had one too many at lunch or the night before don’t panic- you can nap on our day bed (don’t worry this is a no judgement zone).

Want to know more or find out what all the fuss is about?

Contact me Katie P — katiep (at)