Connecting the Local Communities

Have you seen that Meme that is floating around Instagram this week about it feeling like January 74th?

Well boy did I agree with that.

January seemed to go on and on and on but we are finally out of it and I’m going to hit February hard.

What is going on in BDCWorks? Well let me tell ya!

Over the last 4 months we have been lucky enough to be the home of The London Village Network.

For those of you that haven’t heard of them- they are an amazing charity based in Islington to help tackle Network Poverty for young people (16–24). The charity was formed by Founder- Rachael Box, who I am lucky enough to have got to know and I wanted to share her story.

Rachaels idea started when a group of young boys were persistently hanging out, making noise and not doing anything constructive. Rather than calling the police, Rachael decided to interact to find out what was going on. It was at this moment that she realised they just needed good conversation and they had a very limited Network which was ultimately limiting there life choices.

From this moment- Rachael knew she could make changes, started LVN and three years on the charity has gone from strength to strength and is really making a difference.

Currently the charity is providing space for young people in Islington to network and gain employability. Some of the spaces that have been donated to them once a week are City and Islington College, St Marys on Upper Street and here in BDCWorks.

We have provided 4 computers and desk space every Friday and already some of the youngsters have been engaging with our members and really benefiting from being in our space.

This is very much a passion led project from Rachael and with limited funding and with hours and hours of hard work and proving this is a worthy cause they received funding from Islington Council, Cripplegate and the Morris Family who of course own The BDC and help so many charities in the area.

They have all made this worthy cause a little easier and recently they hit ‘Charity heaven’ when CATCH 22 incubated LVN.

So, I bet you are thinking- how can I help?

Well, it’s really easy.

All you need to do is give one hour of your time. Whatever your knowledge or expertise, by giving an hour to a young person with very little employability can make all the difference.

Rachael inspires me on a daily basis and is a true inspiration.

Maybe if we did the same we can help inspire these young people and really make a difference.

Coworking…. Love made me do it.

The BDC- The Building that lived twice.

Many moons ago, famous for being a Royal Agricultural hall, The Business Design Centre has changed so much over the years and after its rebirth in 1986 the building has gone from strength to strength.

Keeping things fresh and looking at the current way to work and the Coworking trend on the rise, it only seemed right to bring a new and exciting space that would appeal to all kinds of businesses big and small not just to The BDC but to Angel.

In this video- Atul, founder of Sheila Bird Architects explains the idea behind his concept for BDCWorks.

Angel Delight

With the rise of Coworking spaces in London and the industry being completely saturated in the nearby area of Old Street, it seemed like a good idea to explore Angel and all its delights.

As you step out of Angel Station you have two spaces right on your doorstep — Rocket Spaceand The Office Group, so if it’s convenience you want you can’t get much more convenient than this.

With Rocket Space being the hub of Tech, there is really no better space to be in if you are all about TECH. They offer you speed and direction to accelerate your tech business.

Tech is all around us, but if like me you find it a little scary- then check out TOG.

Being one of the biggest providers in London they do things right.

They are design led and beautiful, have memberships allowing you to roam around London, great events and even a new APP.

On the flip side there are also some very cool, smaller independent spaces.

Check out Hunky Dory DesksCowork Angel and desks in the Plug and PlayMedia hub on White lion Street. Each are designed in their own individual ways with Plug and Play being a little quirky with a fried egg meeting room table- it’s cracking (sorry….I couldn’t resist!).

So why BDCWorks?

That’s a very good question, but one I can definitely answer.

The BDC is oozing with history, character and a buzz like no other.

With 500,000 peeps coming through the door each year who knows who you will stumble across.

Our new Coworking space, BDCWorks — is perfectly situated at the back of the building so disruption is kept to a minimum and is a little piece of ‘Shoreditch’ you won’t want to leave.

We have attracted all sorts of businesses but if you are in the design or events industries the benefits of being within this space are next to none.

We are flexible and fun but also a great working environment that will increase productivity. Oh and one more thing — If you are tired or just had one too many at lunch or the night before don’t panic- you can nap on our day bed (don’t worry this is a no judgement zone).

Want to know more or find out what all the fuss is about?

Contact me Katie P — katiep (at)

The How to Guide to BDCWorks…

Is it part of the BDC?


We have over 500,000 visitors per year so really it seemed silly for the BDC not to open a Coworking space. But we do only 50 desks so get in quick.

How many members do you have?

Loads….haha, well at the time of writing this we are nearly half full.

We have a great variety of people and companies.

What do they do?

Being within the BDC we have attracted- event planners, event managers, event logistics, copywriters and software companies.

What other companies are in the building?

Just to name a few companies, otherwise we would be here all day.

Onward Display



GD Electrics

Henri Lloyd

Do you hold events?

The building has 120 conferences and events a year, but we stick to the smaller low key networking events.

Do you have networking opportunities?

Of course, but actually did you know- 81% of Coworkers say they get most of their work for people next to them. Be brave and make friends, it costs nothing.

What is the cost?

Prices start at £50 for a desk and a regular seat at a table is £250.

What is in included?

A Good chair, WIFI, Nespresso coffee, Katie and Leanne.

Can we go to the shows?

Some shows have restricted access, but most don’t so this is something that can definitely be taken advantage of.

What other facilities do you have?

Bike storage, cafe (with the BEST pizza), discounts on local bars, restaurants and gyms, onsite hotel, car park, super fast WIFI, 24 hour security and access to a gym.

Want to know more? Get in touch- katiep(at) or

Home Sweet Home.

 Home Sweet Home.

Did you manage to clean the house?

Take the dog for more walks than his poor legs can handle?

Stare at the fridge resisting all temptation?

Do anything apart from actually sitting down and concentrating on the project someone is paying you for?

This is something that is all too familiar to many freelancers working from home.

Whilst there are perks of working from home it is a know fact that freelancers are more productive working in a Coworking space and sharing ideas so, why do people still insist on working from home?

There are of course some advantages:

No commute and this of course, releases the stress of the tube and being squashed up in someone’s armpit for more time that you can stomach.

Greater Flexibility and the ease of being able to do what you want, when you want.

Save Money by not having the temptation to nip to Pret (we all do it…..)

However, we have all heard the saying don’t mix business and pleasure and these are some of the reasons that should pick yourself up off the sofa and get yourself into a working environment.

Loneliness just remember how ever much you love your dog, they don’t talk. As mentioned in my Angel Delight blog- be bold, make friends- it costs nothing.

Self Discipline it’s always good to practice it!

Building Relationships Who knows who you my stumble across. It has been recorded that 91% of Coworkers have better interactions in a working environment.

Getting S*** Done- One of our new Coworkers — Ska Content said that working from BDCworks for 5 hours was the equivalent to 2 days at home.

With stats like this and freelances reporting a 50% higher income and 68% are more focused it’s a bit of a no brainer.

Come and take BDC Works for a free no pitch, no obligation test drive here

Try it for yourself — katiep (At)

Follow your Gut.

After all, the world is your oyster.

One of the great reasons we choose to work in Coworking spaces is the amazing people you meet and the stories you hear.

This morning I had the pleasure of having a coffee and getting the lowdown from the week with Jay diamond- one of our (favourite) members and she got me thinking (I know, impressive for a Friday ay!).

Jay was working as a DJ in Manchester for many years for commercial radio station Unity Radio and London’s Rinse FM.

Jay had a great life, was loyal to the stations and got to DJ in some great bars including The Queen of Hoxton where she got to hang with Ed Sheeran and other big names.

Like any job, there are ups and downs and the politics and changes to the station meant that Jay needed a change. She left and went on holiday.

The holiday was meant to last a couple of weeks but after a couple of days in Hawaii, Jay was offered a job in a coffee shop and stayed for 3 months.

After lots of toing and froing and deciding whether it is was the right thing to do and thinking about commitments in the UK she decided to follow her gut and go with it and finally she was happy. Jay used this time to think about what she wanted to do and is now running a successful business helping people have powerful breakthroughs for stress reduction, relationships and happiness. Practice what you preach and all that!

Sometimes life takes control and you can’t see beyond your bills, commitments, failing relationships, health and the fear of failure.

I’m sure this is something that is all too familiar with most of us and hearing Jay’s story highlighted this too me and made me realise sometimes you have to grab life by the balls (even if you don’t have them) and follow your gut.

Just remember- Madonna reinvents herself every 10 years and has more than succeeded in life. What is to stop you doing the same?

Want to read more, get in touch- katiep(at) or

5 best Pizza spots in Angel

 5 best Pizza spots in Angel

Who needs Italy when we have some of the best pizza spots in London right on our doorstep. As a pizza connoisseur I am incredibly fussy and felt to make this blog as realistic as possible it was only right that I should sample ALL the pizza in Angel .

Starting with a known favourite- Franco Manco is cheap, simple, quick and delicious.

Perfect for lunch as you are in and out in no time, with a nice environment and a chilly oil to blow your head off.

If like me you are a sucker for sauces (it’s hard to beat domino’s garlic and herb) but Franco has created a blue Cheese dip, which FYI is the dream!

Three Johns — Having failed at my first attempt of Uber Eats and never receiving my pizza from Three Johns, I actually moved away from my desk and went in myself. Realising the local watering hole not only served drinks, but pizza as well was a dream.

Not only are they massive they are great value. With Dominoes opposite calling, I walked straight passed and into Three Johns and with some original toppings it’s a no brainer!

If you are looking for a bargain- The Regent is your man! With pizzas costing £5 on weekday lunchtimes (selected toppings only!) it’s a surprise we aren’t there everyday!

Antonios— It’s a treasure pleasure! If you find this hidden gem then you are already winning. Off the beaten track not only do Antonios do the best pizza but they also have a pretty epic selection of Anti Pasti. It oozes character and brings that little piece of Italy to Angel.

Without being completely biased (even though I am) within the BDC — The Good Eating Company have brought a pizza oven to the Jack’s cafe on the top floor of the venue. Not only do we have pizza but pizza made by the wonderful Enea. If you are visiting- do not miss a trip (he’s worth it);)

I can absolutely guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the above but if all else fails Sainsbury’s do a delicious £1 slice.

Want to take me for pizza or hear more (I could talk about pizza all day) Get in touch

Katiep (at)

5 of the best gyms in Angel

    I don’t know about you but with the Christmas season looming I  appear to be being bombarded with gym offers left right and centre. Let’s be honest, no one goes to the gym in December. We save that for January the 2nd (the 1st would be criminal), when ‘New Year, New You’ is in full swing.

If one of your New Year Resolutions is to hit the gym hard then here is a helping hand to the best gyms in the area-

The Gym Group– They call it the Gym that never sleeps. Open 24/7 it’s perfect for a late night power sesh. If like me you aren’t going to stick to the routine of going to the gym everyday then this is the gym for you with no contract you can quit anytime.

We have all heard the saying ‘Quitting is for losers’ so committing to something more long term could be the answer. Virgin Active is a wonderful gym with amazing and unique classes (I can recommend clubercise!). It really does have everything you need including a pool, towels, hairdryers and wonderful products that makes you smell as fresh as a daisy.

Nuffield Health on Essex Road is a little bit quieter and away from the hustle and bustle but has everything you need including a complimentary 12 point MOT. Probably not what you want after a month of debauchery but it is good to make changes- even if you start small.

Another benefit of being within the BDC (biased again) is the Revolutiongym. Every time I walk passed, they are full so they must be doing something right. Want results quick- then this is an absolute no brainer!

Most years it is not uncommon to find myself eating beans and holding on to the last bit of turkey and Christmas cake for as long as possible in hope that I won’t starve due to the spending spree that has happened over the Christmas period. If that sounds all too familiar, there are some amazing outdoors spaces in Islington, including the canals. Check them out here.

If you fancy going for a run to learn more about what we do within the BDC or want to sweat baby sweat then get in touch katiep(at)


A selfless Christmas


Did you know?

Islington is ranked in the bottom 10% of deprived areas in England.

Well, I certainly had no idea.

As you walk around Angel and down Camden passage (in particular) it oozes wealth, with luxury boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

The Community is buzzing, it’s clean and there are rows of Georgian and Victorian houses, one could only dream off.

Coming from a completely naive perspective and a place that I certainly I am ashamed of, as I go about my normal, middle classed life I am sometimes unaware of the sheer amount of poverty that surrounds us.

With Christmas coming I want to raise awareness and shout out about some amazing work being done in Islington to change this.

When I rocked up to work this morning and looked at the huge poster sights on Upper Street staring at me, there was a poster for Islington Giving a charity close to The BDC’s hearts. Islington Giving is an independent group of funders, businesses, residents and voluntary organisations working together to tackle poverty and inequality in Islington.

The Cripplegate foundation is a massive part of this and the aim is to create a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a rewarding and fulfilled life free from poverty and inequality. Their mission is to bring about change that will transform the lives of Islington’s most disadvantaged residents. I just saw a tweet from one of our members- Briffa and they have just donated to Islington Giving- Support your neighbours and amazing things can happen.

I can’t mention all the amazing charities but as discussing this subject with my colleague, she mentioned the London Met and there Christmas campaign. Log on, buy a present for a child in poverty at Christmas and I can assure you that will be the best gift you buy.

Something so small to us could be something so big for someone else.

Whilst writing this and being deep in thought about ways in which we could raise awareness one of our members asked me to print something. It was her secret Santa for her team mate and probably one of the most heartfelt gifts.

It was a donation to ‘Choose Love’ which donates a meal to a refugee.

It made me realise — If more of us stopped for a moment and didn’t get so caught up in the excitement of Christmas (all the time), we may not take over the world but maybe make some bit of difference.

Just something to think about.

To help me keep spreading the love get in touch Katiep(at)

Ever been stranded at sea?

Loneliness and not working alone- the important stuff

Whilst sitting in a brainstorming session with my mentor- I suddenly realised that I hadn’t stopped talking. I was waffling (anyone could tell you I am good at that) but it ended up being a great braining session , it got creative juices going and a lot of reminiscing was done and it got me thinking.

How can people work alone?

I can’t be on my own for more than 5 minutes. I am needy and love to have people around me constantly. I am that person who would order room service on a business trip instead of going to the restaurant on my own.

I had a horrible incident once where I got stranded at sea- yep, true story!

But it was at that moment where I also thought I wasn’t going to see my friends or family ever again. Dramatic I know, but as the sun was setting and the boat was drifting further and further away from the island we had been on with no water or food I thought that was it.

Luckily help came and we didn’t need to swim in shark and alligator infested waters to get to safety and I knew then I was never going to put myself in the position of being alone ever again.

For me- working from home would be on a similar level to this.

Loneliness would kick in, I would be very unproductive and I would end up becoming a fridge picker.

Coworking is a great option to be able to provide a space for like minded people. Creating an environment that has a mixture of Network, peer support, learning, a and helping businesses to grow.

To hear more of my stories and check out our Coworking space get in touch katiep (at)