The Six month mark (well a little over)

Six months has flown by and BDCWorks has really grown. Not only in numbers (we aren’t doing too bad) but the real focus has been to build brand awareness, build a solid community and make it a unique space that keeps people coming back for more.

So why choose BDCWorks?

That’s a very good question, but one I can definitely answer.

The BDC is oozing with history, character and a buzz like no other.

With 500,000 peeps coming through the door each year who knows who you will stumble across.

The space, BDCWorks- is perfectly situated at the back of the BDC so disruption is kept to a minimum and is a little piece of Shoreditch you won’t want to leave.

We have attracted all sorts of businesses but if you are in the design or events industries the benefits of being within this space are next to none.

We are flexible and fun but also a great working environment that will increase productivity.

Oh and one more thing- If you are tired or just had one too many at lunch or the night before don’t panic- you can nap on our day bed (don’t worry this is a no judgement zone).

Challenges we have faced

In an already saturated market the focus when opening BDCWorks has been to really identify with why people would choose us instead of one of our larger competitors in the area.

Getting people in the door was a very important aim and figuring out how to get traction from our USP— the shows/events.

When starting out you have all the complications of sales and marketing, people, productivity, facing operational challenges, money and juggling all of them at the same time. It has been a learning process but what I have realised is to practice what you preach.

Ask people around you and use the members in your space- sharing knowledge is powerful and remember most of them are in the same position.

Spreading the love. It costs nothing after all.

Building Relationships is really important to our community and who knows who you may stumble across. It has been recorded that 91% of Coworkers have better interactions in a working environment. At BDCWorks we have taken the time to really get to know our members, what they do and how we can help them to grow and how they can help us grow.

Watch this space for BDCWorks love or if you want to know more contact me katiep(at)

Events at The BDC, Angel- behind the scenes.

Loneliness and not working alone- the important stuff

Whilst sitting in a brainstorming session with my mentor- I suddenly realised that I hadn’t stopped talking. I was waffling (anyone could tell you I am good at that) but it ended up being a great braining session , it got creative juices going and a lot of reminiscing was done and it got me thinking.

How can people work alone?

I can’t be on my own for more than 5 minutes. I am needy and love to have people around me constantly. I am that person who would order room service on a business trip instead of going to the restaurant on my own.

I had a horrible incident once where I got stranded at sea- yep, true story!

But it was at that moment where I also thought I wasn’t going to see my friends or family ever again. Dramatic I know, but as the sun was setting and the boat was drifting further and further away from the island we had been on with no water or food I thought that was it.

Luckily help came and we didn’t need to swim in shark and alligator infested waters to get to safety and I knew then I was never going to put myself in the position of being alone ever again.

For me- working from home would be on a similar level to this.

Loneliness would kick in, I would be very unproductive and I would end up becoming a fridge picker.

Coworking is a great option to be able to provide a space for like minded people. Creating an environment that has a mixture of Network, peer support, learning, a and helping businesses to grow.

To hear more of my stories and check out our Coworking space get in touch katiep (at)

Hark the herald ANGELS sing

It’s SANTAAAAAAAAAAAA…… (it’s never too early for ELF right?)

With Christmas fast approaching — 46 days, to be precise the countdown is on.

Are you worrying about having to get into that LBD (little black dress to all the men out there)?

What presents are you going to buy everyone?

Worrying about probably drinking as much as you possibly can at the Christmas party which will result in telling your boss you love/hate them, falling asleep at the bar and that awkward moment when you are sick on your CEO’s shoe after too much tequila (we’ve all been there).

We can’t guarantee to help avoid the above, but here are some tips to get you organised-

This week is the return of Country Living Christmas and one of the BDC’s highlights. The space is completely transformed into a Christmas wonderland and it smells just like Christmas thanks to Pollyfields and there amazing wreaths.

There are gifts galore and I know my credit card will certainly take a battering as I fail to resist all temptation at The Cheese Makers Choice and the Choi Teastalls.

If it’s a fabulous accessories you need to go with your LBD then check out Aurora bags– they are beautiful and can be personalised to create a perfect gift to you!

Like a discount?

Stupid question…….

As a member of BDCworks/BDC you are a member of the wider Angel Community and receive lots of wonderful discounts in the local area. If you need a helping hand in avoiding drinking too much tequila (then I can’t really help you!). With some amazing bars in Islington you can start Christmas early. A few of my favs include The BullThe AngelicDirty Martinis and The Regentfor the best pizza around.

If that’s not enough then pop in over the Christmas period where Leanne (especially) will be spreading lots of the Christmas love with lots of films, sweets and mulled wine.

Get on your sleigh and take BDCWorks for a test ride-