Member Mondays: Sukhi Anand

This week we interviewed the lovely Sukhi Anand of Ska Content. Although she isn’t in every day, when she is, there are always laughs and giggles from her side of the room. Sukhi is the owner of her own company focusing on copywriting and content creation and we just love her spirit and energy when she is the space!

What are you working on while you are here at BDCWorks?

It depends on what projects I have got going on, whatever I have in my diary. I treat this space as a normal office and schedule my time accordingly.

How did you get into your field of work? Give us a brief history of your journey to where you are now.

I am a copywriter and content creator, which basically means I write anything and everything. Copywriting is the art of selling through words so basically I write blogs, website content, articles and social media posts for other businesses. That’s all the online stuff, then offline I do brochures, marketing material, leaflets etc.

I set up my business, Ska Content, in 2016 because I hated working for other people, I hated being told what to do! I have always had a real issue with having to be up early to be somewhere for someone else. As I had ten years of experience as a journalist and a years’ experience as a technical copywriter in a construction firm I decided to set up on my own and been doing that ever since! [Angeliki: Amazing! So would you call yourself a freelancer?]. So, right now because I am still in the initial stages, I would consider myself a freelancer but hopefully, as time goes on, I will be more in more of an editor position, but who knows!

Why did you decide to join a coworking space?

So, I was very, very fortunate to be offered six months free in this space. I applied for a startup loan through the government when I started Ska Content and through that you get lots of offers and discounts. So, this popped up in my inbox in August last year – it was four questions, I answered them and then I was offered this free space. I couldn’t actually start until around September so I lost a month but I have been here ever since.

Some weeks I make better use of the space than others but I just needed to get out the house. I had been working at home for a year and unlike a lot of people, I didn’t like going to coffee shops because I felt a bit under pressure to keep buying coffee! I was just getting very lonely at home, finding it very isolating and by the evening, I was desperate to be out and about and to see people. If somebody called me, I would talk their ear off because I hadn’t heard anyone’s voice the whole day (laughs).

What is your favourite thing about being in this coworking space?/What is your favourite story/memory/experience of being in BDCWorks?

I think it’s the people. I know that’s really cheesy but from the first day that I came in, Leanne was really friendly, really warm and it was great because I was actually a bit nervous! You know when you work on on your own for a while you lose your confidence a bit! You start questioning things like, do I wear pyjamas in public, do I not? (laughs). Should I brush my hair when I leave the house? So, I was very nervous but everyone was very warm and very smiley. It’s a really nice environment, it’s gotten busier and it’s grown and you make friends, which is great.
If you are looking for a copywriter or content creator, look no further than wonderful Sukhi. To contact her or find out more about the work she does, have a look at the details below:

Mobile: 07970 715618