The Advantages of not Commuting if you live in Angel, Islington.


Standing on the tube this morning as I had someone’s armpit in my face, I could smell other people’s breath and someone was balancing their Newspaper on me- I started to think about the impacts of not commuting and how it could benefit our day to day life and wellness.


As a fan of people watching I sometimes find commuting wildly interesting (in a non creepy way). What’s their story? Where are they going? Are they married? Happy or sad?


However, according to this article from the Independant commuting for more than 20 mins increases stress- having an direct effect on your work and social life.


So why do we do it?


Well unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of being more flexible with our working day and dictating who, where and when we work. The exception are my Coworking superheroes at BDCWORKS.


Many of our members in BDCWORKS live or work for larger organisations in Angel and need to get out of the house or office for productivity purposes and to surround themselves with like minded people.


A lot of our members also Cycle and blimey- if you thought we had it all already- BDC also has secure cycle storage.

I am personally slightly terrified of the roads (since a bus reversed into my car with me in it- but that’s a story for another day).


But, I shouldn’t be, this article by The Guardian highlights the benefits of cycling and quotes a study of 264,377 people from the UK Biobank who were asked to record how they commuted found that during the five years of the study, those who did their commute by bike were less likely than any other commuters to die of anything.


So if you want to ‘reimagine your commute’ and improve your quality of life get on your bike to BDCWORKS, unless you live here in Angel Islington, then you can walk.


At the time of writing this Blog it is National Happiness Day and that’s what you get everyday here in BDC.


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Coworking: A Newbie’s Perspective

Before I share my story with you all, I thought it would be best to give some context. My name is Angie and I am the new intern at BDC Works. Having never stepped into a coworking space, walking through the doors of BDC Works was an interesting experience for me. Coming from South Africa, the idea or concept of coworking is quite foreign and new to my ears.

My initial perspective on a coworking space was simply just a place where you come in, work at your desk and go home at the end of the day. A place that is simply just away from home and allows for the ability to be more productive.

Boy, was I wrong. This space is so much more than that. I have only been working here for a few weeks and I have found myself in a world of coworking that I didn’t even know really existed. Not only is this space a place to work but it’s a space to network, collaborate and be apart of a much larger community. Friendships are even formed – this was recently shown to me on a night out for drinks with the BDC Works members (felt like I was part of a family).

So, although I am still new to all of this, I thought I would write about my experience of how to make the most of being in a coworking space – especially as a newbie.

The most important thing I have realised is that a coworking space is a community. It is a space in which members interact, share their stories and experiences and most importantly, share their skills with one another. This was something that fascinated me the most. How incredible must it be to work in an environment with so many different people that are able to teach you things that might benefit your own business? This is exactly what a coworking space offers. Not only can they teach you things but you could possibly be involved in a collaboration. Whether you need a new website to be created, advice on your social media or need a photographer – there is someone here who you could collaborate with. They say the world is your oyster – I like to think BDC Works is your oyster, if you are a member of course.

However, that’s not the only thing. The Majority of the individuals that work in this space run their own companies, work on their own and are self-employed. Most of whom if they weren’t here, they would be working from home. Instead of working from home by themselves, they come into this space and meet new people, make friends, have people to chat to during their coffee break and like I mentioned earlier, a visit to the local pub is a bonus too.

Although a foreign concept to some, the idea and vision behind a coworking space is one that is far deeper than what meets the eye and I feel so lucky to have been introduced to my first coworking experience through BDC Works.

Fancy seeing for yourself? Pop in for a visit or have a free trial day – we love welcoming new people.

Email for more information.

Angel Delight

With the rise of Coworking spaces in London and the industry being completely saturated in the nearby area of Old Street, it seemed like a good idea to explore Angel and all its delights.

As you step out of Angel Station you have two spaces right on your doorstep — Rocket Spaceand The Office Group, so if it’s convenience you want you can’t get much more convenient than this.

With Rocket Space being the hub of Tech, there is really no better space to be in if you are all about TECH. They offer you speed and direction to accelerate your tech business.

Tech is all around us, but if like me you find it a little scary- then check out TOG.

Being one of the biggest providers in London they do things right.

They are design led and beautiful, have memberships allowing you to roam around London, great events and even a new APP.

On the flip side there are also some very cool, smaller independent spaces.

Check out Hunky Dory DesksCowork Angel and desks in the Plug and PlayMedia hub on White lion Street. Each are designed in their own individual ways with Plug and Play being a little quirky with a fried egg meeting room table- it’s cracking (sorry….I couldn’t resist!).

So why BDCWorks?

That’s a very good question, but one I can definitely answer.

The BDC is oozing with history, character and a buzz like no other.

With 500,000 peeps coming through the door each year who knows who you will stumble across.

Our new Coworking space, BDCWorks — is perfectly situated at the back of the building so disruption is kept to a minimum and is a little piece of ‘Shoreditch’ you won’t want to leave.

We have attracted all sorts of businesses but if you are in the design or events industries the benefits of being within this space are next to none.

We are flexible and fun but also a great working environment that will increase productivity. Oh and one more thing — If you are tired or just had one too many at lunch or the night before don’t panic- you can nap on our day bed (don’t worry this is a no judgement zone).

Want to know more or find out what all the fuss is about?

Contact me Katie P — katiep (at)