Connecting the Local Communities

Have you seen that Meme that is floating around Instagram this week about it feeling like January 74th?

Well boy did I agree with that.

January seemed to go on and on and on but we are finally out of it and I’m going to hit February hard.

What is going on in BDCWorks? Well let me tell ya!

Over the last 4 months we have been lucky enough to be the home of The London Village Network.

For those of you that haven’t heard of them- they are an amazing charity based in Islington to help tackle Network Poverty for young people (16–24). The charity was formed by Founder- Rachael Box, who I am lucky enough to have got to know and I wanted to share her story.

Rachaels idea started when a group of young boys were persistently hanging out, making noise and not doing anything constructive. Rather than calling the police, Rachael decided to interact to find out what was going on. It was at this moment that she realised they just needed good conversation and they had a very limited Network which was ultimately limiting there life choices.

From this moment- Rachael knew she could make changes, started LVN and three years on the charity has gone from strength to strength and is really making a difference.

Currently the charity is providing space for young people in Islington to network and gain employability. Some of the spaces that have been donated to them once a week are City and Islington College, St Marys on Upper Street and here in BDCWorks.

We have provided 4 computers and desk space every Friday and already some of the youngsters have been engaging with our members and really benefiting from being in our space.

This is very much a passion led project from Rachael and with limited funding and with hours and hours of hard work and proving this is a worthy cause they received funding from Islington Council, Cripplegate and the Morris Family who of course own The BDC and help so many charities in the area.

They have all made this worthy cause a little easier and recently they hit ‘Charity heaven’ when CATCH 22 incubated LVN.

So, I bet you are thinking- how can I help?

Well, it’s really easy.

All you need to do is give one hour of your time. Whatever your knowledge or expertise, by giving an hour to a young person with very little employability can make all the difference.

Rachael inspires me on a daily basis and is a true inspiration.

Maybe if we did the same we can help inspire these young people and really make a difference.