Coworking Ideas – Ideas To Get The Most From Your Coworking Life

If you are new to the scene and looking for coworking ideas then you have found the right place!

BDC Works is a unique coworking space dedicated to innovation, creativity and above all empowering ideas and collaboration between members. If you are thinking about moving into a coworking space or looking to get more from your existing space then we have the following recommendations.

Idea 1: Network With Your Fellow Coworkers

Networking is one of the real benefits of working within a coworking space. From cultivating new business opportunities to simply making friends; networking with your peers is a great way to boost your productivity and explore new and exciting opportunities.

At BDC Works we have a fantastic community of both full and part time coworkers. From lone wolves to small teams like the fantastic Eleven Hundred PR Agency, it provides a fun and interactive space to call your work home. We regularly promote networking with various events and opportunities to get involved with to meet fellow peers and make the most of coworking experience.

Idea 2: Refer Your Friends!

While coworking alone can be extremely productive, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun with one of your friends? A lot of coworking spaces have referral schemes to encourage you to share the love and BDC Works is no different! So not only do you get your friend to work alongside you, but you get a nice bonus to enjoy a cheeky pub lunch with!

To learn more about our refer a friend scheme you can email Katie at

Idea 3: Personalise Your Coworking Space

To really get the most from your coworking experience we recommend giving it that personal touch. Some of our residents choose to don their green thumb and install a mini rainforest at their desk, while others go for the more familiar family touches with photos and personal items to keep them motivated! If you choose a private desk at BDC Works you can call it home and are welcome to personalise it however you please. (within reason!)

Idea 4: Learn To Take Power Breaks

One of the best coworking ideas is around learning how to take productive work breaks. To avoid the overwhelming feeling of procrastination we installed a breakaway high-top desk where workers can get away from their desk and sit down to enjoy a drink or relax and have a chat with others. Taking a 10-15 min power break is the perfect way to get your brain revved up and ready to go again before sending an email that’s been bothering you all morning!

Idea 5: Suggest/Implement Your Own Coworking Ideas

The key ethos of any coworking space is to promote innovation and creativity. Creating your own coworking ideas and sharing them with the team is an amazing way that spaces grow and benefit from exciting new ways of working. Ideas we have put into place over the last twelve months include!

  • BDC Works Christmas party in Soho!
  • An International Women’s Day celebration and photoshoot
  • A coffee and cake lunch event

If you join our fantastic coworking space we’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions to help us grow and enrich our coworking community!

BDC Works is located in the heart of Angel, Islington at the iconic Business Design Centre. To learn more about our unique coworking space or to get more coworking ideas from the team – send us an email at or call us at +44 207 288 6421to book in a free, no obligation viewing!