Coworking Memes

So, you’re considering renting out a coworking space but not sure if it’s right for you?

Fear not! Our extremely SERIOUS and PROFESSIONAL coworking memes are guaranteed to help you decide whether a flexible coworking space beats hiring an office or working from home…

(hint: it does!)

Replace annoying office colleagues with a creative coworking community

According to a highly intelligent digital source we consulted (aka Wikipedia) the definition of coworking is “a social gathering of people who are working independently, but who share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from engaging with people who value working in the same place, alongside each other.”


In simple terms, this means, “Escape a boring corporate office filled with multiple colleagues whose names you can’t remember and the threat of annoying fridge thieves, so your almond milk will finally be safe!”

Re-discover the joy of human interaction

Working from home comes with many perks. You can work from your sofa, dressed in your pyjamas with only a giant bag of Doritos and Homes under the Hammer for company – magic! However, working in isolation day after day can become rather lonely and can even stunt your creativity without anyone else to bounce ideas off or share ideas with. A coworking space will provide you with a group of like-minded professionals who are ideally placed for trading knowledge and trade secrets, as well as providing some company on those dull days.

Flexible, comfortable desk space when you need to lay low for the day

One of the greatest aspects of coworking spaces is that they cater for however and wherever you like to work. Some coworking spaces such as BDC Works offer sitting, standing, floating and fixed desks and even a daybed to work from when you’re feeling particularly horizontal but need to ensure maximum productivity.

You can finally afford to buy a boat!

Ok, maybe not quite. But hiring a coworking space is a really affordable and flexible option for freelancers and contractors who don’t want to work from home but can’t afford to hire an office. You can join a coworking community for as little as £375/month. So you’ll at least be one step closer to buying that boat!

Trust us, they’re nice.

Coworking spaces are designed for cool, creative, collaborative professionals. So they’re nice.

Some of them have built-in bars and restaurants, funky artwork and a selection of modern furniture and equipment. Most offer water coolers and coffee machines. Warm, ambient lighting sets the mood. The one in the coworking meme above this text has a nice looking rug! You get the idea.

Network and grow your business.

People use coworking spaces to work from. But they can also provide a really good opportunity to network and potentially find new customers, either directly or through some of your new coworking BFFs. Working from home is great but you’ll have to work harder to seek out new business, actively attend networking events and advertise your services to attract new clients. A coworking space could provide networking opportunities without your even needing to leave your daybed!

Here’s a magnificent idea!

We hope you enjoyed our coworking memes! If you’re keen on the idea of coworking but need further convincing, why not book a free tour of your local coworking space and check it out for yourself? You don’t have to commit to anything but a free tour will allow you to get a feel for the space and assess whether it’s right for you. So, switch off the telly, hand over the Doritos and get in touch for a free tour