Sharing Is Caring in Islington, Angel

As I sit at my desk eating lunch- staring at the screen and not achieving anything, I realise that eating alone is the worst and I started to ask myself why sharing food and not eating alone brings so much happiness.

Not just to me, but others also.

This morning, I decided to put this to the test and fed BDCWorks. Turns out, however, they think I am a feeder and not good at helping them with their waistline.

But hey, this way we got to share food, have discussions and make things work.

I believe it stems from when time began and food brought people together. It was a bonding ritual and a way to bring communities together. It works in the same way as having Family dinners- why is this important?

I read this article the other day that states ‘Technology is a negative influence on us because it separates individuals from reality’.

We all get so fixated on technology these days that we forget what is actually important. Take time to reflect and discuss and talk.

I put this to the test and went out  to my favourite Tapas restaurant in Angel-

La Farola

Classic with a modern twist and if you like Charcuterie then this is an absolute treat.

Their chefs use only the highest quality authentic Spanish food and organic ingredients, combined with fresh local produce, to create menus that will instantly transport you to their sunny homeland; accompanied by an equally impressive range of wines, arranged into drinking styles to assist your selection.

The menus will make your mouth water (as I try not to dribble at my desk thinking about it).

Charcuterie and Picoteo dishes start at £3.95 and include one of my favs- Padron Peppers.

Perfect for sharing there and a great way to try as much as possible on the menu there is a great array of meat, fish and CHEESE!

Get me to Spain already!

Maybe because I am sociable I like to do this.

However, on the flip side some of us are just greedy, really hungry or just like Joey from friends.

“Joey doesn’t share food”

If that’s you- you may relate to this BuzzFeed article I found – it made me lol.

If you can’t remember the last time you shared a meal – get involved and see what happens or just pop in to BDCWorks – we have loads of food.