Unique Coworking Space Garage

Unique Coworking Spaces

Bored of reading blogs about ‘unique coworking spaces’ that look more like annoying hipster hangouts in Shoreditch? Fear not, we’ve come up with a list of TRULY unique coworking spaces and rated each of them, so you can compare and decide which is best for you. 

Unique Coworking Spaces Woman On Phone

Your local coffee shop

Ideal for: The Opportunist

Free WIFI? Check

‘Coworkers’ for company? Check (ish)

Access to slightly overpriced coffee? Check

Why bother forking out for a coworking space in London when you can just abuse your local Starbucks and work from there? A fair question and based on our research, it seems many people have the same idea. But, this approach does come with a few drawbacks.

First of all, when we tried to ‘network’ with our new ‘coworkers’, they gave us menacing ‘Londoners-on-the-tube’ type looks before grabbing their Grande Frappomacchiatocinos and stalking off to the opposite end of the cafe. 

Also, do you know how expensive coffee is these days? We tried bringing our own from home but apparently that’s not allowed either! And the sound of a milk frother screaming in labour every 3 minutes makes it difficult to concentrate. 

All in all, not a great success.

Coworking Suitability Rating: 5/10
Portugal Coworking Space

Ideal for: The Commuter

Village Underground in Lisbon, Portugal

So, if you’re based in London this one might be a bit of a commute.

But Village Underground in Lisbon is a truly unique coworking space and definitely deserves a mention, even if only for a bit of inspiration!

Made from shipping containers and double decker buses recycled into office spaces, this unique coworking space features a recording studio, a restaurant and a conference room and has become something of a landmark for Lisbon locals who are looking for a beautiful business base.

We’ve had to mark it down slightly thanks to the slightly lengthy commute from London, but this one scores highly on the suitability scale across all other criteria!

Coworking Suitability Rating: 7/10

Kensington Coworking Space

Ideal for: Coworking without the coworkers, Ocubis, Kensington Pavilion

Coworking need not be basic, as the stylish Kensington Pavilion proves. 

Pavilion is actually a private business members’ club in the heart of West London. This very unique coworking space features luxury meeting rooms, private office suites and office pods, with relaxing lounges set over five floors. 

But choosing to work with the wealthy comes at a hefty price – a single desk hire will set you back £1,000 per month! We’re also not convinced that this high end habitat is well suited to networking and the collaborative spirit that most other coworking spaces in London lend themselves to.

Coworking Suitability Rating: 6/10

Unique Coworking Space Garage

Ideal for: The Frugalist

Your business partner’s garage

“This is how Facebook started out” you tell each other excitedly, ignoring the smell of paint thinners coating the air and the fact that it feels like it’s minus 3, even though it’s Summer outside.

If you’re a brand new start-up or low on capital, it can be tempting to ditch a coworking space in favour of your mate-turned-business-partner’s home garage. And provided you’re not going to be surrounded by bin bags full of rubbish and risk stepping on rusty nails or unidentified slippery objects, this can be a good short-term solution. But it’s not really feasible (or sensible) for the long-term.

Just the two of you. In a confined space. With minimum airflow, low light and a cold, hard cement floor. Doesn’t scream ‘inspiration’ or ‘growth potential’ for your business! And, let’s be honest, you’ll probably end up falling out with each other.

Just club together and hire out a coworking space for a month. It’ll be worth it!

Coworking Suitability Rating: 4/10

BDC Works Unique Coworking Space

Ideal for: Contractors, freelancers and start-ups

BDC Works in Angel

We know, we know, of course we’d try and plug BDC Works! But when it comes to unique coworking spaces in London, this one is really hard to beat.

Much more than a place to work – BDC Works is a unique Coworking space based in the heart of Angel, London. The coworking area has been professionally designed and has been used to its full potential, offering specific areas depending on the way you want to work. You can choose from floating desks, fixed desks, standing desks and even a daybed, all at a mere £375 per month.

There’s a restaurant and coffee shop on site and, as it’s situated within the Business Design Centre, you’ll gain exposure to over half a million people who visit the venue to attend shows and exhibitions throughout the year – a gift for networking and attracting new clients! 

You can even book a free tour to check out the space before you commit. 

Coworking Suitability Rating: 10/10

BDC Works is a unique coworking space located within the Business Design Centre in Angel, Islington London. Call us on 0207 288 6421 to find out more or book your free tour today!